slowing down. {today.}

Slowing down. Attempting.

Asrat slept in over an hour after the last couple kids left for school. He ate, and then snuggled up on the couch with one of Neshi's library books. So good to have this space.

We made two loaves of bread together. And by that, I mean barely together - he had much more important block and lego building to do.

The clothesline has been busy all day.

Picked tomatoes and raspberries. Went on a walk around the neighborhood and spent a short while at the park. Rest time turned into nap time.

Now making my second peach crunch in the last 24 hours while the boys do this:

This is good.


Mercies along the Way...  {entry no. 36}

I don't know exactly where I left off. But I'm ready to begin again. Some of these are going way back to December.

971. invitation for one of the kids
972. thoughtful kids; renewing some inspiration
973. 18 years of marriage
974. the kids preparing breakfast & gift for us. pumpkin pie, breakfast bagels, lemonade in special cups
975. getting one thing crossed off our list
976. good care at hospital for kiddo's MRI, and a big sister taking really good care of sibling upon waking up from anesthesia.
977. being able to stay when MRI took so long
978. 2 adoptive moms serving as nurse and child life specialist who "got it"
979. charge nurse's husband grew up in Ethiopia
980. kiddo having good music to listen to 
981. Brad getting home a bit earlier on a long night
982. finding some good movies at the library
983. hopeful plans for new year's eve
984. a huge gift
985. nice day with family for Christmas celebration
986. seeing our kids connect with their cousins aunts and uncles
987. my mom being able to be in Florida
988. coffee
989. playdates for 2 kiddos- so much excitement!
990. giving our kids Christmas gifts
991. our family fitting well here. not conspicuous in this community.
992. sickness lasting only a few hours
993. time with the kids. breathing room.
994. a fun phone call Brad got.
995. thoughtful people
996. chapstick
997. lotion
998. ? I don't know what happened!
999. "
1000. msw finished. happy with my gpa
1001. lgsw test passed.
1003. friends in msw cohort.
1004. professional challenge
1005. practicum agency
1006. new house here
1007. probable buyers for previous home
1008. job possibilities
1009. @ campsite on madeline island
1010. new, bigger tent
1011. safety in our van
1012. van working to get us here.
1013. good workout shirt for $3.75 at goodwill
1014. several shirts for jada at goodwill
1015. reading the secret gardent with the family on the drive
1016. great neighbors
1017. bug spray that is helping
1018. good sandals that make my feet not hurt
1019. riding on the ferry
1020. finding a campsite at the last minute
1021. good pants that I bought for belize trip, great for summer
1022. opportunity to work in belize
1023. pencils
1024. new Bible this year
1025. softening of a child this summer
1026. nice graduation celebration with family at restaurant
1027. beautiful flowers from brad and kids, made by a friend
1028. jada liking campfire cooking
1029. real hug from one of my kids
1030. nice paper
1031. sunshine peeking through clouds
1032. pumice stone
1033. warm sleeping bags
1034. light jackets for everyone
1035. tiny braids that didn't need to be redone after camp
1036. a deer at our campsite
1037. psalm 119:35-37
1038. gift of this old house magazine from friend


  1. 1038 :) 1025-I need that to happen with one of ours. Tips to encourage it??

    1. Honestly Amy, I think it was probably most due to me softening toward the child and *trying* to be intentional. Reframing my mind is so hard sometimes!