Mercies along the way...{entry no.34}

"The quality of mercy is not strained; 
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven 
Upon the place beneath. 
It is twice blest- 
It blesseth him that gives, 
and him that takes."   

I used to be a thankful person.  Positive.  Aware of my blessings.  Enjoying simple things, but in tune with the bigger picture.  Slowly and without intention, I began to allow circumstances and the busyness of life to cloud my vision.

So, I'm trying something new, somewhat inspired by this author.  Mercies along the way is a place for me to begin reclaiming that piece of myself.  Every Monday you'll find me here, sharing bits of my life that I am finding joy in.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

919. Jada wearing the paperclip earrings she made to school
920. making the best after a crazy start to a afternoon off of school for the kids

making roasted chickpeas. his favorite.
layer cake she made with her easy bake oven. she LOVES that oven.
921. finishing up railway children, the kids begging me to read more and my voice fading
922. trying a new recipe just for fun
923. getting all thanksgiving food made the night before
924. butternut squash
925. talking and coming to a further understanding
926. oh, the help in life from my husband
927. school bus (free transport to school and back)
928. candles lit in the livingroom
929. hours the boys spend with the contraptions, especially Ezra

one of the best toys ever

930. Ezra's out-of-nowhere crazy questions, curiosity is his strong suit
931. time for Brad to go for a run
932. a warm house
933. surprise card in the mail & the thought behind it
934. surprise conversation and gift
935. many loads of laundry done and put away
936. a lower grocery bill this week
937. almost fully learning my new grocery store
938. hugs on sunday mornings
939. the many warm blankets we can pile on our beds to stay warm
940. contentment
941. the opportunity to speak into my kids lives
942. a train table being used for a coffee table covered with games and other activities
943. possible fun theater opportunity for a couple kids. auditions on tuesday
944. having some stores nearby
945. group members who are invested and do their share of the project and papers
946. huge anticipation of winter break for me!!! (did I say that last week?!)
947. healthy fall for my family
948. being in month 7 of Asrat's tb meds...almost there! and, that he can swallow pills so we don't have to deal with crushing them up
949. sweet emails from friends at just the right time
950. beautiful song lyrics written by Erkinesh
951. a great thanksgiving day at the farm. also seeing my mom and most of my sister's family for a bit.
952. finally doing the caramel apples we had planned to have halloween night

fondue style caramel apples
953. making my own greek salad just like p.anera's


  1. Jackson is looking so grown up! And I just got Railway Children at the library because of your last post. They had to do an inter-library loan for me, can't wait to start it!

    1. Hope you guys enjoy Railway Children. Not sure what we're going to read next.

  2. Great pics of my grandkids.....great blog....Thanks for stopping in the other nite.....was great...and thanks for the flowers....Love you...

  3. reading your posts make me think of what I'm thankful for. Thank you :)
    And I'm extremely grateful to have you in my family~