One year ago. A beginning.

One year ago yesterday we met this little boy.

We didn't recognize him when he was standing with a few other boys waiting for us.  He was much smaller than we imagined, even though we used a tape measure to compare his height to Ezra at dinner one night.  A staff member brought him over to us and when I saw his face up close I finally realized it was him.

He was scared and holding back tears as the six of us tried to hold ourselves back to not overwhelm him further.  My big kids couldn't hold back their tears, they were so excited to finally meet their brother after 8 months of staring at his pictures (which makes it funnier that we didn't even recognize him!).

We didn't learn much about our son on that day, but it was a beginning nonetheless.  Coming back home after our court trip and leaving him there was really hard.  Those months between court and embassy were difficult as we waited, not knowing how long it would take.

But today, Asrat and I ran some errands to the post office and to the school.  He was disappointed that we weren't going to see his big brother in class and didn't understand why you don't usually visit 7th graders.  He turned his head and refused to answer almost anyone's questions while we were out.  We had leftover shiro (Ethiopian stew made from garbanzo beans) at home for lunch.  He cleaned up blocks and legos.  We practiced using nice words when we talk to Mommy.  We did a puzzle together.  We read A Mother for Choco and his head fell onto my shoulder at the beginning of the book where Choco cries.  We rocked and sang.  He looked at some books and is napping now.  Pretty much a normal day here.

I love normal days.  So incredibly thankful that we are together.


  1. So thankful for our grandson's beautiful story, and for all your normal days with him and your family...We love you, Asrat!!! God is soooo good!!

  2. What an adorable child inside and out~you are so blessed! So happy for your whole family that you are all together! LOVE!

  3. That smile....oh my word! It is so strange how suddenly, we come up on a year. It really is a good time to reflect on where we've been & how far we've come. Normal days are a blessing!

  4. i can't believe it has been a year!!!! So happy to hear about the "normal" days!!!!

  5. I love the Choco book! Wow! It has been an amazing year for him.