Mercies along the way...{entry no.12}

"The quality of mercy is not strained; 
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven 
Upon the place beneath. 
It is twice blest- 
It blesseth him that gives, 
and him that takes."   

I used to be a thankful person.  Positive.  Aware of my blessings.  Enjoying simple things, but in tune with the bigger picture.  Slowly and without intention, I began to allow circumstances and the busyness of life to cloud my vision.

So, I'm trying something new, somewhat inspired by this author.  Mercies along the way is a place for me to begin reclaiming that piece of myself.  Every Monday you'll find me here, sharing bits of my life that I am finding joy in.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This blog has quickly turned into nothing much other than these posts. I miss this space and am hopeful to get back to more of what I consider real posts soon.  Lots of thoughts stirring in my head and my heart. 

344.  girls go to grocery store for me.  they get a fun treat from someone they know.
345.  encouraged Erkinesh comes home from school.  love it and the phone conversation I had later that night with the person who encouraged her so much.
346.  Asrat enjoyed lunch out with Daddy.
347.  all 3 boys sleeping in one room
348.  tinga-tinga  and postcards from Tanzania finally hung up.  one step to living more in the present.
349.  Lunch with my cousin over Indian food.  
350.  Returning something to a big-box store and having our address come up as Pasadena, CA.  Crazy to think that it's been almost 10 years ago now.
351.  My husband's boldness and care for me.
352.  new calendar in my kitchen-opening it up and realizing that it said my word for the year right on the January page!
353.  provision to pay our bills
354.  good medical care (albeit expensive) especially for one kiddo right now
355.  fun cupcakes made by a friend for Asrat's bday
356.  reading nook decorated.  been working on this for about a year.  another step to living in the present.
357.  picked up hambasha and had a surprise Ethiopian birthday lunch for Asrat.  
358.  great conversations over lunch.  good for my soul.
359.  new vegetable soup recipe
360.  super fun fun birthday party.  happy boy.  he handled it so well.  so thankful he is home for his 5th birthday.

361.  unexpected validation
362.  a fun Saturday.  my family Christmas and Brad's work Christmas party.  Yes, in January.
363.  After 7 1/2 months together we left Asrat for the first time for Brad's work party.  He did great.  BIG stuff.  Thankful.
364.  Zumba starting up again for the girls.
365.  watching Jackson play basketball.  home games.  living close to the school.
366.  my sister buying Asrat a book that had been sitting in my Ama.zon cart for months and she had no idea
367.  fun birthday package for Asrat from our homestudy agency.  I cringed when I saw it because I thought it was more paperwork to add to my pile.
368.  quietness that forces me to face and think through some things
369.  a productive day and phone call.  yes!

*Because a few of you have told me that you've started your own lists, I thought it might be fun to link up and be encouraged and challenged by each other.  Try it out below and please let me know if it doesn't work for you...this is my first try at this.  If this works I will try to get a button made for next week.


  1. i love this almost as much as i love you :)

    you should take a quietness weekend. . . ;)

  2. So thankful to watch our newest grandson enjoy his 5th birthday....What a blessing he is to our family...Gramma loves you, Asrat!!!!

  3. lovely list as always, Sharon. Asrat looks so happy with you guys!