Mercies along the way...{entry no.13}

"The quality of mercy is not strained; 
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven 
Upon the place beneath. 
It is twice blest- 
It blesseth him that gives, 
and him that takes."   

I used to be a thankful person.  Positive.  Aware of my blessings.  Enjoying simple things, but in tune with the bigger picture.  Slowly and without intention, I began to allow circumstances and the busyness of life to cloud my vision.

So, I'm trying something new, somewhat inspired by this author.  Mercies along the way is a place for me to begin reclaiming that piece of myself.  Every Monday you'll find me here, sharing bits of my life that I am finding joy in.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

370.  realizing that I wrote plans for Asrat's birthday party in the back of my journal-opposite the page where I scheduled stuff for our embassy trip to bring him home
371.  a surprise rocking request after bday party.  Huge.  Can't believe I forgot to put that in here last week.
372.  My camera and video camera found in hotel from roadtrip in early December
373.  "You are Arnold Jackson."-Asrat to Jackson after sitting with Erkinesh as she had a sick-day Diff.erent Strokes marathon.
374.  coffee with my husband and Asrat.  Asrat calls it "coffee shopping."
375.  watching Ezra play basketball during half-time of b squad.  his cute, nervous smirks.

(He's in the maroon.)

376.  encouragement coming from someone from my college days
377.  focused attention on some things I needed to complete.  2 cups of tea required.
378.  reading The Snow Child in bed on Saturday morning {thanks for the recommendation, Sarah!}
379.  loving the benefits of learning to plan and be more intentional.  stretching for me.
380.  getting a good night's sleep.  children who rarely get up in the night.  10 years ago I didn't believe that these days would ever come.
381.  a good read and conversation with Jada. glimpses.
382.  the kids reading in the reading nook.  Asrat settling down there before naptime.
383.  a warm house and bed when the wind in howling outside
384.  Brad's months-long perseverance with the dishwasher repairs
385.  looking forward to Sunday
386.  working laptop and printer
387.  witnessing good choices made by one child.  hard choices.
388.  back in a {pretty} good routine.  good for all 7 of us.
389.  Jada's adventurous cooking.  Plane.t Holl.ywood's Chicken Crunch-great creole sauce!
390.  Making it through (surviving) a week of really busy nights.  That's hard for me.
391.  Erkinesh feeling better on her own.  No trip to the dr.  No one else sick.

Sick day snuggles.
392.  time to breathe
393.  making reading a priority in my weeks.  brings me life.
394.  Asrat cozy in his new handmade blankets from his birthday.
395.  successful communication to Ethiopia this week
396.  the joy of crossing a few things off my to-do list
397.  This thought---“But I want first of all — in fact, as an end to these other desires — to be at peace with myself. I want a singleness of eye, a purity of intention, a central core to my life that will enable me to carry out these obligations and activities as well as I can. I want, in fact — to borrow from the language of the saints — to live ‘in grace’ as much of the time as possible.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh
398.  for Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others who have worked and continue on in his work.  That my family can be a real family. 


  1. Love your lists......and pics....and family