Mercies along the way... {entry no. 3}

"The quality of mercy is not strained; 
It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven 
Upon the place beneath. 
It is twice blest- 
It blesseth him that gives, 
and him that takes."   

I used to be a thankful person.  Positive.  Aware of my blessings.  Enjoying simple things, but in tune with the bigger picture.  Slowly and without intention, I began to allow circumstances and the busyness of life to cloud my vision.

So, I'm trying something new, somewhat inspired by this author.  Mercies along the way is a place for me to begin reclaiming that piece of myself.  Every Monday you'll find me here, sharing bits of my life that I am finding joy in.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

27.  a surprise encounter.  hard, but good.
28.  a few days of warm-ish weather
29.  BIG news for four waiting kids.  love it!
30.  a load of new books in that I requested from the library
31.  good books for the kids and read alouds
32.  midnight-blue sky @ 7pm
33.  grace from my husband, daily
34.  new peeks into my son's story
35.  a clean kitchen
36.  paying bills-provision
37.  weekly menu plan=my sanity
38.  brownies ala mode delivered to Jada by a friend
39.  the first surprise snow covering the ground and melting
40.  Asrat sitting with grandpa in grandpa's chair
41.  my mom's sloppy joes on a cold day
42.  hummus
43.  the flow of the school-year schedule

I found this harder this past week.  Feels like a much too short list.  The week seemed busy and I didn't take as much time to reflect and enjoy.  I think I missed out on a lot.  Glad a new week is here.


  1. Sharon, these lists encourage me. Thank you for posting them. I am reading a book called Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God meets you in your mess.(Thanks to Megan's suggestion : )) Great book and she suggests making a list like this....taken from Ann Voskamp's book. Thank you for being an encouragement.

    1. I think I'm going to need to check out that book, Laura! :)

  2. This is sooo beautiful, makes a Monday morning easier...even for this gramma....Thank you, Sharon, for being an 'encourager' to your mom... love and hugs, and have a great week...

  3. i love this. it truly is the little things that make life great. thanks for the reminder :)

  4. I think your list is beautiful and FULL of His provision!! Praying for you today~

  5. Confused about 29. Don't you have 5 kids? And is it a dog? :) Love to you!!

    1. Ha! You're the second one to ask about that! :) This is good news for four kiddos in Ethiopia that are waiting for families - they have been matched!
      I'm still keeping my foot down about a dog. lol.

    2. We're getting a dog around Christmas. The kids are so excited. It will be an outside dog so the kids are raising half the cost of one of those underground dog fences.

    3. !!! Please don't tell my kids. :) Outside sounds perfect to me, but no space here.

  6. A dog helps keep the kids entertained though! (Your kids told me to say that~HA!)

  7. I wondered about that too, if I had missed out on someone!!!!! Good try, Grace, about the dog:):)

  8. I love #33!

    But what is #35??

  9. Loving the gratitude theme here. I need to focus more on that lately. :)

  10. boy do I need to do this... maybe get the kids in on it too