3 boys?

I never imagined that I would be the mom of 3 boys.  I guess on some level I knew it was possible, but I grew up as the youngest of 4 girls.  I still remember where I was standing [in my sister's pink and white flowered upstairs bedroom holding onto her pocket radio] when my oldest sister called to say that her second-born was a boy.  A boy, really?!  Are you sure?  She went on to have four more girls. (smile)

I guess boys have always been kind of an anomaly to me.

I've learned a thing or two about boys in the past 13 years of being a mom, and in 16 years of being married to one.

I have no idea what he ate.

Dancing on the table.  Yes, he's the 5th child.
Jackson being a good sport, letting his little sister show her strength.

Here's a glimpse into our evenings after school:

020 from Sharon on Vimeo.

Love them.  Crazy and all.


  1. I SO get this - I still can't believe I have a little boy sometimes. Somewhere in the back of my mind I just always believed that I'd have all girls for some reason, but I wouldn't change it for anything now:)

  2. Sharon, I remember too, when Dustin was born...I couldn't believe it....after only having girls in our family...I love everyone one our 7 grandsons sooo much...wouldn't trade any one of them....sometimes I feel like I just can't get enough of them...They are the best.....If Dustin only knew how much he got 'smooched' on...hehe...

    Love and hugs!!!

  3. Love the pictures!!! They sure are "normal acting kids!" HA! And . . SO CUTE!

  4. Boys! They are so strange and yet they can be so sweet, too. Three of them definitely make things interesting around here, too.