Just so I don't forget.

I'll just say it now.   

"I'm sorry, Asrat.  I never thought I'd be this way, but you're the fifth kiddo and I'm doing a terrible job at documenting your life."

Here are some things I don't want to forget and want to record so you'll know that I really was paying attention to you:

-You love your Daddy.  Daddy is much funnier, better at administering the yucky medicine and pretty much everything else.  I think I'm growing on you though.

Watching Daddy drive away in the morning.
-You're still sleeping with Mommy and Daddy, though on some of these really hot summer nights we've just pulled you out of your bed in our room in the early morning and you thought you slept with us all night.  Yep, we're tricky like that.

-Tonight at dinner you were saying, "Jackson camp.  Sleep.  Jackson camp. Sleep.  Daddy camp no.  Daddy camp no."  Just making sure that Daddy's not going to be sleeping at camp.  That would be very, very bad. 

-You had great disappointment that our Jamaican friend who came over does not speak Amharic.  I loved that he listened to you babble on in Amharic as he walked in the door, then we tried to explain that he had no idea what you were saying.  You liked him anyway and his name was one of the first that you learned.

-You have a huge appetite, but you also know when you're full.  Super helpful.  You love pizza and have been known to jump up and down thrilled when you found out we were having frozen pizza (I wish I was as excited).  You really love just about anything we put in front of you.  Yes, Aunt Grace, even zucchini patties. (smile)  Our friend that owns an Ethiopian restaurant/grocery has been spoiling you with all sorts of extra goodies, too.  Apparently my shiro is a little too spicy for you, but thankfully Erkinesh and Jada eat it like it's going out of style.
Auntie Joji is so fun!
-First trip to the dentist today.  You were so brave and I was relieved you weren't living with an abscessed tooth like your big sister did. 

-The way you scrunch up your face is super cute.

-You're starting to tell on your siblings; one in particular.  Not so cute, but oh, so helpful for Mom.

And, I don't want to forget the cutest little voice you have and all the fun things you say:

-A stranger came up to us in the Dulles airport and told us what a respectful little boy we have when he heard you respond "Abet!" when we called your name.  I love that you still do that.  And when I'm feeling extra sweet and yell down the stairs, "Asrate?" you respond, "Abete!"  Love it. 

-It's hilarious how you walk around saying, "Change clothes!" but you have no idea what you are saying.

-You've got all of our names mastered, except Ezra's.  I think it's just a little too close to your name and it's confusing.  You have started calling him "Boys".  It all made sense one day when I yelled out to the swing set for you and Ezra and said, "Come in boys."  

 -"Hallo!  Dena nech?!"  [How are you?]  Your favorite thing to say and you say it so very strongly.  I don't think I will ever forget you being strapped on my back on our first walk together around our neighborhood.  You yelled this at everyone sitting on their porches.

-"Thank you, Daddy!" and "Thank you so much!"

-"I lu boo."  Seriously, could you get any cuter? 

-This past week you've been starting to try to tell Daddy and I a couple stories.  They erupt out of you almost every night at bedtime.  These are long stories, mostly in super simple Amharic that you think we understand (ha!) with a little bit of Engligh thrown in there.  One story is very serious and the other one is really funny.  We can't distinguish if these stories are true stories from your earlier years or if it's something you saw on t.v.  Your mind is working so fast trying to get these stories out, but my favorite part is hearing you say, "And then, and then, and then..." in the midst of it.

I'm sure I'll remember some more things right after I hit 'publish', and I'll try to get those written down too, baby.  And, to the rest of you, maybe I will have more clear thoughts to write about our transition (so far) sometime soon?!


  1. Oh my, darling! I need to meet Mr. Asrat one of these days. Maybe I can visit once school starts. It sounds like he is adjusting!

  2. So glad that you're writing all this down. Those early days are so exhausting, so precious and they will pass so quickly. You don't want to forget. Sounds like he's doing really well!

  3. Sweet boy! So glad he is home and settling in. We have a lot of Daddy love going on here, too. :)

  4. WONDERFUL! Loved it. Now do it again next week. :)

  5. Beautiful, beautiful. I loved reading this. :)

  6. What a precious little boy, I am sure you will have many memories , and it will go by so fast. I remember how fast Erkinesh caught on to things. Enjoy the blessings , and tears of JOY! love dad

  7. Oh, so fun to watch him grow and hear the stories of his life with his family. He is so Precious!

  8. Oh, I love getting to know Asrat a little from this post! Very fun! Hope all is going well.

  9. I beautiful post showing how beautiful Asrat is!

  10. You don't know me and I don't know you either but you've got your biggest fun in me. Very beautiful and lovely how you recorded all that. You are definitely on my top 10 Mothers' list. God bless you.

    1. Thanks so much, Samrawit. Blessings to you, too!

  11. So lovely to see you writing all this down to record your memories of Asrat... mostly because it means he is really home with you and fitting right in with the rest of the family. Congratulations again to you all!