Letter to the weather

Dear Humidity,

Thank you for leaving us. We really didn't enjoy your stay. In fact, you reminded us all of a bit of winter because you held us hostage in our house. I'm happy to say that the 2nd floor of our home is opened back up and I know we will all be happy to sleep in our beds again. Yes, you did work wonders on the corn the past few days, but please, oh please, don't come back.

Now, please be kinder to my friends out east who you are just beginning to visit.

Those who thought we were in the Amazon for the past few days

P.S. We saw the rest stops are back open today...thank you, State of MN, for waking up from your summer siesta.


  1. Indy hit 100 today. We went swimming and the pool felt so warm it was not all that refreshing!

  2. Great post!!!!! we sure enjoyed the weather yesterday....love and hugs!!!!

  3. YOU are TOO funny!! our sentiments as well. loving your rapier wit!!
    I told brian at dinner one nite, that in the winter we were stuck in with unreal below zero weather, and now we are stuck in at the other extreme :)

  4. Sharon, your husband needs to buy you a window unit!!

  5. I am DONE with summer! Bring on the fall!!!