The money is rolling in...

Erkinesh came downstairs about 10pm the other night,
showed us yet another very loose tooth and said,
"More money?"

(I don't know why the silly posing lately, but that's the way it is!)


  1. Maybe this is her "summer job"? :-)

    BTW, we lived in Eau Claire for 3.5 yrs and still have lots of friends there so I promise to let you know if we are in the area...I'd love to meet you and your family!

  2. Too cute! (I like Sweet E's glasses, too!) Bereket had already lost a tooth when we met him. Now he has another loose tooth...but we can't get him to understand it's ok: He is worried that he is "breaking" his teeth. He is sure it's the corn on the cob! Maybe when he loses this one, and we introduce him to the Tooth Fairy, he will understand. (Although, we'll have to convey the concept of "money," somehow!)

  3. smart cookie ;) so so cute!!!