Some changes...

We have decided after much time in thought and prayer to change our child placement/international agency. We asked God that He would make it clear to us, and He has. Thank you, God! We are at peace about this decision.

This changes something big for us though. Our new agency, IAN, doesn't allow adoption of two unrelated children at one time (like our previous agency did). We are o.k. with this, as our plan is still to adopt two children, but now it will be one at a time. We have also heard from social workers and other agencies that they don't recommend adopting two unrelated children at the same time because of the different situations they may come from and how it might be more difficult to best meet all of the children's needs. We're at peace about this too. Our kids are too. (Jada, of course, wants a girl first, and Ezra wants a boy).

Jackson turned 10 today. Had walking tacos for dinner. Peanut butter pie for dessert. Mmmmm... Now he's putting together a new Lego set. It's amazing to have the blessing to watch him grow. He's looking forward to his party on Saturday with a game of basketball and a pinata with his friends.

That's all for today, it's been quite a day here. More later.

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  1. Michelle WinowiskiOctober 2, 2009 at 3:47 PM

    Hey Sharon. I've been doing more research on agencies. Why did you switch agencies? I'm leaning away from AGCI now...possibly America World instead (they give a 25% discount for pastors--that's a plus!).