The "flu" is alive and well here!

Yep, it's here. We heard on Friday that one of the 6th grade classes only had 5 students left in the classroom out of 22. Jackson, our 4th grader, went to a birthday party on Friday with 4th and 6th grade boys. This morning he came in at 5:30 with a REAL sore throat, bad cough and mild fever. (Sorry if you were at his lemonade/food stand yesterday at our garage sale!!!) Brad and Jada have also been complaining of sore throats.

Poor Jackson is worried he might miss his field trip (that Brad is chaperoning) on Wednesday. We'll see how many are left in his classroom by Wednesday.

I think I'm safe this time as I had something very similar a few weeks ago. At least I hope I'm safe. Someone has to take care of these people in my house!

On the upside...perfect weather this whole weekend. Perfect.

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